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Jumat, 20 Maret 2020

Really Useful, 6 Applications that Must Be Downloaded by Art Students!

Art is not just a graffiti on paper. More than that, art has many meanings on canvas that have been made by the painters. Not just anyone can study art deeper. As an art student, undergoing lectures feels as difficult as other faculty students.

Theories and thick reference books also often haunt art students. On mobile, you can also learn art easily without feeling bored. Here are 6 cool apps for art students with a creative spirit, check out!

1. Adobe Illustrator Draw
Which art student doesn't know about Adobe products. Having a simpler appearance, Adobe Illustrator also provides features that can train you to create a precise image. This application has a fairly lightweight size of less than 50MB and you can download it on the App Store and Play Store for free.

2. Adobe Photoshop Sketch
This Adobe product you can also enjoy for free. With the features of brushes, pencils, pens, markers, and artistic talent that you have, Photoshop Sketch can produce interesting artwork. You can even share your sketch results in the "Behance" feature or import them into other Photoshop products such as Photoshop CC for more maximum touch.

3. Assembly
This application made by Pixite is perfect for you lovers of vector images. Assembly allows users to create beautiful vector art in ways that are easier than Adobe. This application even provides more than 180 basic shapes for example. Then you can mix it with your creations.

4. DesignLab Studio
Ever seen art from beautiful photos like on Instagram? With this application you can learn how to make art.

5. Google Art & Culture
Do not want to miss, Google also made a special platform for you to learn the art more broadly. In this one application you will be able to learn a lot about art. Starting from exploring famous art museums in the world . In addition, you can also watch exhibitions from famous artists, all of which are done virtually and practically.

6. Keezy
This application is specifically for music art students. On laptops, voice recording software can easily be found. For platforms with similar features on mobile, you can try Keezy. This application allows recording many sounds at once on a cell phone easily. Unfortunately Keezy is still only available on iOS and you can get it for free.

Are you ready to download one of the 6 applications above?

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