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Rabu, 12 Februari 2020

Video Games as an Art Exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art

Video Games as an Art Exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art - During this time we know video games as just a means of recreation. When we are free, or tired of activities, playing a variety of audio visual simulation games may make us forget the fatigue.

Video games are basically electronic games that require users to interact with the video-based user interface . According to its development, various types of video games are presented, with different themes, according to the tastes and desires of its users. Not only that, it is now available on various platforms and is more easily accessed.

With a long list of developments, of course there are several types of video games that are now considered classic. Video games, although graphically not as sophisticated as they are today, have never been part of the daily lives of its users.

And it turns out that the Museum of Modern Art also considers if the graphics of classic games like Tetris, Pac-Man or Sims deserve to be side by side with paintings from Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet or Frida Kahlo, (which of course is incomplete without the presence of cons who consider them not art) , so as to display pieces of images from various video games as part of their exhibition.

The selected video games slot online to be exhibited are selected based on their visual quality and also the aesthetic experience of the game itself which includes 'the elegance of the code to the design of the player's behavior' .

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