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Minggu, 05 Januari 2020

A peek at the Unique Art Gallery in France Manifested from Sottsass Sketches & Drawings

A peek at the Unique Art Gallery in France Manifested from Sottsass Sketches & Drawings
- The Italian architecture office 2A + P / A applied a Ettore Sottsass painting to create a black barrel roofed pavilion at an architectural festival in Orléans, France.

The Rome-based architect applied an aconometric watercolor painting from a curved building with irregular windows made by Sottsass and used it as a basis for the gallery's structure.

Sottsass, Italian architect and designer famous for creating hundreds of sketches throughout his life. Some of them are then applied to objects or buildings and some are pure works of art.

"With the appearance of Architettura Monumentale which is very mysterious but very expressive, we realize its potential is waiting to be developed," said the founders of 2A + P / A Gianfranco Bombaci and Matteo Costanzo.

Architettura monumentale, 2002, by Ettore Sottsass, held at Antonia Jannone Gallery, Milan. The architects designed the design of their buildings while imagining what the other two sides of the structure would be like not shown in the sketch and how the interior could be glimpsed through the Sottsass drawing window.

The initial idea for this gallery was the audience who walked around the outside wall, inward and connected by a ladder. The structure is formed from prefabricated wood panels that are durable but fast and easy to install on location, and the town square.

Called the Curiosity Cabinet, its interior walls are covered with 36 images such as "wall paintings" and form "visual essays that expose architectural ideas in their intimate form".

The exhibition will continue until March 18, 2018, after which the pavilion will move to a permanent location in Parc Floral close to Orléans, where it will continue to be used as an exhibition hall and place for future biennales.

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